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Bicycle engines, gas bikes, motorized bicycle, used gas bikes,  80cc gas engine kits black and silver slant -D.I.Y,  spare parts,  repairs and Installs. 

Motorized Bicycles         Bike and motor kit to build cruiser, comfort, mountain bicycles D.I.Y. kits.
  8occ motor bike kits chrome, silver, black slant, D.I.Y. motor bike parts, bike accessory's, bike light's.

      BIKE AND MOTOR  - MoPed - Motor Bike - Do It Yourself & SAVE BIG!  8o cc bike motor kits D.I.Y. Gas bike spare parts, Gas bike accessories. Bike light'sFree shipping. 

Motorized bicycle Comfort bicycle 80cc gas engine kit silver slant

torized bicycle is a bicycle with an attached motor used either to power the bike, or to assist with pedaling. Sometimes classified as a motor bike.

Tag, Registration or license

Everything you need to Build your own Motor  Bicycle and kit- MoPed - Motor Bike - Do It Yourself & SAVE BIG! Order today we are here to help.
Installation and user manual will be emailed to you after we received payment. Thank you!

1) This motorized bicycle, packs allot of power. Can run up to 35 mph. Faster for smaller riders. This engine consume about 120-150 Miles/Gallon of gasoline. Save $money$on gas.

2) A well maintain engine has average life span of 1-3 years under normal use.
3) You'll still be able to pedal the bike, and ride like normal, or engine starting by releasing the clutch lever. 
You can stop or starting the engine as you ride. Twist grip hand throttle
controls speeds from 30 to 45/mph, depending on the gear ratio and other issues.
Everything you need to Build your own Motor  Bicycle and kit- MoPed - Motor Bike - Do It Yourself & SAVE BIG! Order today we are here to help.


Motorized Bicycle brand new 80cc Gas engine silver slant, 26" cruiser bicycle coaster brake (black) Aluminum frame

 Do It Yourself & SAVE!Motorized bicycle and kit THE STREET MoPed - Motor Bike Do It Yourself & SAVE BIG!

On Sale $399.99 
Free delivery u.s.a. only 
D.I.Y. assembly required

THE 24
Motorized Bicycle brand new 80cc Bicycle engine silver slant, 24" cruiser style bicycle coaster brakes (red) steel frame
Bicycle and kit THE 24 MoPed - Motor Bike - Do It Yourself & SAVE!

On Sale $389.99 
FREE shipping, U.S.A.
 some assembly required

Motorized Bicycle brand new 80cc Gas engine silver slant, 700cc wheels comfort bicycle hand brake (gray) Aluminum frame

Aluminum Bicycle 700cc comfort bike and kit - MoPed - Motor Bike - Do It Yourself & SAVE BIG! 

On Sale $649.99

FREE Shipping, U.S.A. D.I.Y. assembly required   



Motorized Bicycle brand new 80cc Gas engine black slant, 26" cruiser bicycle coaster brake (black) steel frame

Aluminum Bicycle Cruiser bike, THE DARK KNIGHT and kit - MoPed - Motor Bike - Do It Yourself & SAVE BIG! 

On Sale $389.99  

 FREE shipping, U.S.A. D.I.Y. assembly required   



No Tag, Registration or license  Required

Everything you need to Build your own  Motor  Bicycle and kit- MoPed - Motor Bike - Do It Yourself & SAVE BIG! Order today we are here to help.
Installation and user manual will be emailed to you after we received payment. Thank you!

The beauty of this strong, light aluminum beach cruiser with matching 66/80cc engine. This "do-it-yourself" motorized bike comes shipped to your door in 2 separate packages. Spend a couple of hours putting it together yourself & SAVE BIG!

The first package is the bike itself. It comes 90% assembled, and this makes it somewhat easier because you need to take off wheel/wheels & a few thing's anyway to assemble the engine kit. The second package contains the black 66/80cc engine with EVERYTHING that is needed to get this bike moving under gasoline power!

Average assemble time of bicycle & engine kit is 4-6 hours. This varies on mechanical ability, etc. I also provide a ton of information & resources about motorized bikes & you can always email me if you should have any questions while assembling/riding.

Don't miss out on this amazing deal. I have limited supply, and when they're gone that's it.

Thanks for looking.

Please note: You do need some mechanical ability to assemble & maintain the motorized bike you build. Although a lot of people can assemble this in an afternoon without asking for any help, I do not claim that it is an easy project for everyone. If you run into something that you're not sure of please contact me for assistance. I'm always happy to help. You will also need tools. Tools needed include: -Screwdrivers -Drill (for one small hole) -Allen wrenches (metric) -Socket set (metric) -Chain Breaker (or you can cut it to length) -Adjustable wrench -Shop scissors or utility knife -Grease (optional, but a good idea) Please note: Although the engines & bikes that come with these kits are all the same, there are sometimes some variations in the accessories. These variations are not of lessor or great value or quality, they are simply cosmetic. These differences can include: -different style grips than pictured. -chrome or black muffler. -decals on bike can easily be removed. -trimming rear fender with tin snips is recommended. Please also note, if you have any difficulty during your build please ask for help. I am here to help & won't leave you hanging. Also - if you receive anything that is damaged right out of the box, please contact me within 48 hours of receipt of delivery. Everything is shipped brand-new & in 100% condition. If something isn't right it means it happened during shipping. I can take care of any damage causes by shipping, but I need to hear from you & receive pictures of this damage to file a claim. Installation and user manual will be emailed to you after we received payment. Thank you!
Bicycles and Kits for24"-26" cruiser and comfort style bicycles D.I.Y. and save big.
 bike accessories. Bike light's. Bike kits. Free shipping.

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The Motor Bike's
THE 24
for sale Orlando bikes,

The bicycle motor Kit's

The black slant
The chrome slant
The silve slant 
The 4 stroke


It will pay it self off in 30 days in gas savings. 

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Riding a bicycle or a vehicle with an engine as power assist can be a hazardous activity. Certain conditions may cause the equipment to fail without fault of the manufacturer or seller. Rider is responsible for all safety procedures while operating a gas assisted vehicle. Like other vehicles, a gas assisted bicycle is intended to move, and it is therefore possible to lose control, fall off and/or get into dangerous situations that no amount of care, instruction or expertise can eliminate. If such things occur you can be seriously injured or die, even when using safety equipment and other precautions. RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK AND USE COMMON SENSE. Keep the vehicle away from small children and remember that this product is intended for use only by persons who are, at a minimum, completely comfortable and competent while operating the vehicle. Rider is responsible for obeying possible rules and regulations of the local state while operating a gas assisted vehicle. Some states might require license, registration, and insurance to ride a gas assisted vehicle; it is rider's responsibility to find out and abide to above rules and regulations! No refunds or returns. All sales final!


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